Scuba Certification in D.C.

When it comes to scuba diving [STATE NAME] has some great options for diving sites. The Whiskey Wreck and the Lulu [note: insert different locations based on state] are just some of [ STATE NAME’S] best diving sites. There are many more options to choose for divers of all skill levels. Some dive sites may have restricted access, or may require a diver be scuba certified to dive at that location. Make sure you check site-specific requirements before scheduling your dive.

Scuba Diving Requirements in [STATE NAME]

In [STATE NAME], a diver is not required to be scuba certified in order to go diving, but it is highly recommended for your own safety and for the safety of those diving with you. Most companies that offer scuba diving lessons and charters require their divers to be certified, or to dive with one of their professional, certified divers.

There are a few other requirements for both people going scuba diving and those operating vessels around divers:

  • Use a dive flag at least [DIMENSIONS]
  • Stay within [X FEET] of dive flag
  • Boaters and other vessels are required to stay at least [X FEET] from a dive flag
  • Requirement 4
  • Requirement 5

Get Your Scuba Certification in [STATE NAME]

Becoming a certified diver can help you stay safe and have a great time while diving in [STATE NAME], and some companies may require you to be certified before taking you to certain sites. Be sure to visit our directory to find a local business that can help you get your scuba certification so you can dive at all of the great locations around [STATE NAME]!

Search for local scuba diving businesses to get certified!

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