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How old do you have to be to Scuba Dive?

One of the biggest questions when it comes to scuba diving is when to get started with the sport. How young is too young to let children start diving?

The truth is, when to let your young ones start their drive training is ultimately a personal choice. Some seasoned divers believe getting young ones in the water early helps create conscientious divers and helps instill important safety principles that will stay with divers for years to come. Other divers believe it is better to wait until their children are a little older to get them in the water for dive training. Despite the differences in opinion, there are some generally agreed-upon standards for minimum diving age for young divers.

Most diving instructors will let minors begin taking scuba diving lessons at the age of 10. This is the youngest age PADI instructors will begin teaching divers at. Divers under the age of 15 may elect to take the Open Water Certification course. Upon completion of the certification program, those divers under the age of 15 will earn their Junior Open Water Scuba Diving Certification.

No matter what age you deem safe to let your children get in the water, it is important to maintain careful supervision of any minors who are swimming, snorkeling, or practicing their diving skills. 10 years of age is the generally the youngest age that most minors are allowed to begin diving, take diving certification courses, or take professional scuba diving lessons, so that is a good benchmark to use when determining if your children are ready to start diving. Scuba diving is a dangerous sport to participate in, so it is important to consult with professionals before diving or allowing your children to dive.

Stay safe, and happy diving!