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Welcome to the U.S. Scuba Certification website! We have all the scuba diving certification resources you'll need. Use our directory to help you find a local scuba diving business to get certified, or even find the best scuba gear. We're here to help you get diving as quickly and safely as possible!

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About U.S. Scuba Certification

U.S. Scuba Certification is the source for all of your scuba certification needs. We want to help you obtain your scuba diving certification and provide all of the information you will need to make that as easy as possible.

Why should you get your Scuba Certification?

Many people are interested in getting their scuba certification, but they are unsure of how to make that happen. In fact, after a few cursory searches, many people give up their dream of becoming a diver because they can not find the information they want or need. We want to prevent that from happening.

Our goal is to help you to get in the water as quickly as possible by providing the best information on scuba certification.

Whether you are looking to take your first dive or want to get your scuba certification to become a commercial diver and secure a diving job, we are here to help. We want you to understand your options and where you can get additional information from.

U.S. Scuba Certification is here to help take the guesswork out of becoming a certified scuba diver and guide you on your path to getting your scuba certification.

What Sets U.S. Scuba Certification Apart?

Scuba certification information is out there. Unfortunately, getting all of the pertinent information is a time consuming and arduous process. Our goal is to help you get all of the information about scuba certification as quickly and as easily as possible.

We have compiled all of the best information and the best resources for all of the people looking to become certified divers so you can focus on getting in the water and exploring the depths rather than surfing the web.