Scuba Certification in North Dakota

North Dakota is a state well-known for its pristine nature areas. What most people don’t know is that North Dakota is a good place for scuba diving. There are plenty of scuba diving sites to choose from for everyone, from beginning divers up to advanced divers. Some of North Dakota’s scuba diving sites may be governed by special regulations or may have special requirements for diving, so be certain to check the most-up-to-date information for each diving site you are interested in before planning your dive.

Scuba Diving Requirements in North Dakota

North Dakota does not require anyone to have their scuba certification in order for them to go diving. However, obtaining your scuba certification is a crucial step in becoming a diver. The certification program will teach new divers all of the safety information they need, in addition to teaching them the diving techniques they ought to know before getting in the water.

Although the law in North Dakota does not mandate scuba certification for divers, there are a few laws on the books governing diving activities and boating activities around divers:

  • Divers must use a red and white Diver Down flag when engaged in diving activities
  • If diving from a vessel, the blue and white Alpha flag must be used
  • Divers are advised to stay within 100 feet of their dive flag
  • If diving at night, divers are required to use a dive light
  • If diving at night, dive flags must be lighted
  • Boaters are required at stay at least 100 feet from dive flags

Get Your Scuba Certification in North Dakota

Becoming a certified diver is one of the most important steps on the path to becoming a diver, either professionally or as a hobbyist. Some companies that provide transport for divers may choose not to transport uncertified divers to certain sites because of the safety risk. For these reasons, among many others, all divers are advices to get certified. Please visit our easy-to-use directory to find a local company that can help you earn your scuba certification in North Dakota!

Search for local scuba diving businesses to get certified!

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