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Scuba Certification in Delaware

Delaware has some of the best scuba diving sites for shipwreck enthusiasts. The USS Cherokee, USS Jacob Jones, and the USS NINA are just a few of the shipwrecks off the coast of Delaware. There are plenty of other diving options for beginner to advanced divers. Some dive sites may have restricted access, or may require a diver be scuba certified to dive at that location. Make sure you check site-specific regulations before attempting or scheduling your dive.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Delaware

In Delaware, divers are not required by law to be certified, but it is highly recommended for your own safety. Many companies will not take the risk of taking out an uncertified diver, no matter the diver location. Getting your scuba certification also helps ensure you know how to keep your fellow divers safe in case of an emergency.

Delaware does have some requirements for both divers and the operators of vessels on the water:

  • Divers must use a red and white dive flag
  • If diving from a vessel at anchor, the vessel must display the blue and white Alpha Flag
  • Vessels are to maintain no-wake speeds and stay a minimum of 100 feet from a dive flag

Get Your Scuba Certification in Delaware

Becoming a certified diver in Delaware is easy when you use our directory. Our easy-to-use directory will help you find a local company that provides scuba certification in Delaware. Don’t forget that even though divers are not required by law to be certified, you might not be able to go to some dive sites if that is the case. Be sure to visit our directory to find out where you can get your scuba certification so you don’t miss out on any of the scuba diving sites Delaware has to offer!