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Scuba Certification in Florida

Florida boast some of the nation’s greatest scuba diving sites. Alexander Springs, The Benwood Wreck, 40 Fathoms Grotto, Barracuda Reef, and Devil’s Den Springs are just a handful of the wide variety of dive sites Florida has to offer. Some dive sites may have restricted access, special requirements, or may order any diver at that location to have their scuba certification before diving.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Florida

Florida has no law that requires scuba divers to be certified. However, most diver will tell you that it is extremely unsafe to go diving without the knowledge the scuba certification program equips you with. For this reason, it is highly recommended, for your own safety and for the safety of those diving with you, that you get your scuba certification.

Florida has a number of laws and regulations for divers and people operating vessels near divers:

  • All dive flags must be square or rectangular
  • Dive flags must be red with a diagonal strip beginning at the top staff-side of the flag and extending to the opposite bottom corner
  • Diver must use a dive flag at least 12″x12″ if displaying from a buoy, and 20″x24″ if diving from a boat or other vessel
  • Divers must stay within 100 feet of their dive flag
  • Boats and other vessels are required to stay at least 100 feet from a dive flag

Obtain Your Scuba Certification in Florida

Florida has well over 100 unique scuba diving sites, and you don’t want to miss any of them. Make sure you get scuba certified so that doesn’t happen. Use our helpful directory to find a local business that can help you obtain your scuba certification in Florida, then start your diving!