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Scuba Certification in Hawaii

Aloha! Hawaii has some of the best scuba diving in the nation, and maybe even the world. There are plenty of unique dive sites to choose from for divers of all skill levels. Angler’s Reef, Black Rock, Hanauma Bay, the Kewalo Pipe, Mahi, and the Molokini Crater are just a small portion of the wonderful dives you can experience in Hawaii. Some dive sites may have special regulations due to their status at National Marine Sanctuaries or conservation measures that are in place. Some sites may necessitate that a diver be scuba certified to dive at that location. Make sure you check site-specific requirements before scheduling your dive.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Hawaii

In Hawaii, you do not need to be scuba certified to go diving. However, most divers will tell you that it is best to be certified for your own safety and the safety of those diving with you. Most companies that provide dive transport or charters will require that you have your scuba certification before taking you out for a dive.

Additionally, Hawaii has a number of regulations for both divers and those operating vessels near divers:

  • Divers must use a dive flag that is at least 12″x12″
  • Divers must stay with 100 feet of their dive flag when surfacing
  • Boats and other vessels must stay at least 100 feet away from a dive flag, unless operating at no-wake speeds

Get Your Scuba Certification in Hawaii

Hawaii has some wonderful diving spots, and having your scuba certification ensures you will be able to get access to most of them. Having your scuba certification also helps you maintain your safety. Visit our convenient directory to find a local business that can help you obtain your scuba certification in Hawaii!