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Scuba Certification in Louisiana

Most people go to Louisiana for Mardi Gras, but the Pelican State has plenty of great sites for scuba diving. There are plenty of opportunities for both beginners and experienced divers to get in the water. Some of Lousiana’s dive sites may be restricted, or may require that divers obtain their scuba certification before diving there.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Louisiana

Lousiana law does not mandate that divers be scuba certified. With that said, it is important to note that, as most divers with experience will tell you, getting your scuba certification is of utmost importance. The certification process will teach you extremely valuable information for keeping yourself and your dive partners safe. Some companies may not even allow uncertified divers to go on a diving excursion because of the inherent risk.

There are, however, a few regulations in Louisiana for divers and boaters:

  • Divers must use a red and white Diver Down flag when diving
  • There are no size requirements for dive flag size, but it is recommended that you use a dive flag that is at least 12″x12″
  • Divers must keep within 100 feet of their dive flag
  • At night, divers are required to display a white anchor light
  • Vessel operators are to keep a distance of at least 100 feet from dive flags or anchor lights

Get Your Scuba Certification in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state where scuba divers or all skill levels will find something worth diving for. It is important to obtain your scuba certification before diving in Louisiana, or any other place for that matter. Diving can be dangerous, and if you are not equipped with the knowledge that scuba certification programs provide, you are putting yourself and others at potential risk. Use our directory to find a local business that can help you earn your scuba certification in Louisiana and help you stay safe while diving!