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Scuba Certification in Maine

Maine is known for its lobster and other seafood, which means it has plenty of aquatic life to see while scuba diving. Nubble Lighthouse on Cape Neddick, Fort Williams/Ships Cove, and the Old Town Pier are some of most popular places to scuba dive in Maine. The Pine Tree State has locations ranging from first-time dive sites, to dive sites for those with more experience. It is always best to check the regulations for each individual dive site before planning an excursion at that location.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Maine

In Maine, a diver is not required to be scuba certified in order to go diving. However, seasoned divers will recommend you get certified for your personal safety and the safety of those diving with you. Many of the companies that provide dive transport will require that all divers going an a particular excursion be certified.

Maine does have a few regulations for divers and the boaters operating around them:

  • Divers are not required to use a dive flag unless they are harvesting marine life
  • If using a dive flag, the flag must be red with a white diagonal stripe
  • Boaters are required to stay at least 100 feet away from red and white Diver Down flags

Get Your Scuba Certification in Maine

For any diver, getting your scuba certification is an important part of becoming a better, safer diver. It is also the path to more interesting and deeper dives. No matter the reason you are interested in scuba diving, no matter your skill level, earning your scuba certification is crucial to becoming a diver. Use our directory to find a company that provides scuba certification in Maine, and begin the process of becoming a better diver!