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Scuba Certification in Oregon

The state of Oregon is known for its diverse landscape. Oregon also has a diverse array of scuba diving sites, for all levels of divers. Some of the most popular scuba diving sites in Oregon include Ollala Lake, Three Graces, and Clear Lake. Some of The Beaver State’s dive sites may have special regulations or unique requirements, so be sure to get the latest information for any dive sites you plan on visiting.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Oregon

The state laws of Oregon do not require divers to have their scuba certification in order to go diving. With that being said, it is important to note: almost any diver with experience will tell you what a wise idea it is to obtain your scuba certification. Diving can be a dangerous hobby or profession, and the scuba certification program is the first step one should take when they are interested in diving.

Though by law you are not required to have your scuba certification in Oregon, the state does have a few regulations governing diving activities and vessel operation when near divers:

  • Divers are not required to use a red and white Diver Down flag, but its use is recommended
  • If diving from a vessel, the vessel is required to display the blue and white Alpha Flag
  • Vessels are advised, but not required, to stay at least 200 feet of a dive flag
  • If a vessel is operating within 200 feet of a dive flag, they are required to operate at no-wake speeds not exceeding 5 miles per hour

Get Your Scuba Certification in Oregon

The state of Oregon does not require you to have your scuba certification in order to use its waters for diving. However, because diving can be a dangerous sport, it is highly recommended that all divers complete a scuba certification in their area before going diving. Use our helpful directory to find a local company that can help your earn your scuba certification in Oregon!