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Scuba Certification in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, one of the original 13 states, is known for its rich heritage and history. What some don’t realize is that the Keystone State also has some great sites for scuba diving. Fox Quarry, Bainbridge, Guppie Gulch, and Willow Springs Park are just a few of Pennsylvania’s best scuba diving sites. Some dive sites in Pennsylvania, much like the other states, may have some special requirements or restrictions governing their use. For this reason, it is important to check each dive site’s specific information before planning a dive.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, you are not required to have a scuba certification in order to go diving. Though you main not be required to have it, it is always a good idea for divers to earn their scuba certification. The certification program will help you learn what it takes to stay safe while diving, how to have a more enjoyable dive, and how to be a good diving partner. For these reasons, among others, it is highly recommended that divers become certified.

Though you are not required to obtain your scuba certification in Pennsylvania, there are some other regulations for divers and those operating vessels around divers:

  • Divers are required to display a red and white Diver Down flag
  • Vessels engaged in diving activities are required to display the blue and white Alpha Flag
  • Dive flags must be at least 14″x14″
  • Boaters are required to stay at least 100 feet from dive flags

Get Your Scuba Certification in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a rich history and plenty of opportunities for diving. Pennsylvania even has a good deal of coastline bordering the Great Lakes. Some of Pennsylvania’s dive sites, especially those on the Great Lakes, may have restricted access or special regulations because of water conditions in the area or other reasons. The information provided by the scubas certification program will help ensure you stay safe during your dives in these areas. Make sure you visit our directory to find a local company that can help you earn your scuba certification in Pennsylvania!