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Scuba Certification in Vermont

Vermont is a state that is most widely-known for its top-notch maple syrup. However, The Green Mountain State still has plenty of opportunities available for scuba diving. Some of Vermont’s best dive sites include Lake Champlain and Thompson’s Point. Divers of all skill levels will find something that suits them in Vermont. Some of the state’s scuba diving sites may have restricted access or may have limited availability, so please check all of the latest information for each dive site you plan to dive at.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Vermont

Vermont does not mandate that scuba divers have their certification. However, obtaining a scuba certification is often the first step in becoming a diver. It is certainly the best way to make sure you stay safe while diving. The certification program will teach you the diving skills and precautions you need to know to have a safe and enjoyable dive.

Vermont may not require scuba certification, but there are a few other regulations in place for divers and those operating vessels near divers:

  • Divers must display a red and white Diver Down flag when diving
  • Dive flags must be at least 12″x12″
  • Boaters are required to stay at least 200 feet away from dive flags
  • Violations of dive regulations can result in a $100.00 fine

Get Your Scuba Certification in Vermont

Vermont may be the 2nd least populated state, but it is full of great opportunities for divers. Anyone who has diving experience will tell you that getting your scuba certification is the key to staying safe and having a long diving career. Visit our directory to find a local company that can help you obtain your scuba certification in Vermont!