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Scuba Certification in Virginia

Virginia is known as the Mother of Presidents and States, but it also plays host to a number of great scuba diving sites. Lake Rawlings, the Millbrook Quarry, and Tower Reef are just a few of Virginia’s best sites for scuba diving. Like many of the other states, some of Virginia’s dive sites may have special regulations or requirements, so be certain you look up the most current information for each site you plan to dive at.

Scuba Diving Requirements in Virginia

Virginia law does not require divers to have a scuba certification. However, divers who have had long diving careers will tell you that completing the scuba certification program is one of the best ways to ensure you will have a long career like them. This is because you will learn all of the safety precautions, diving techniques, and emergency procedures that you need to know to stay as safe as possible when diving.

Virginia does have a few other regulations for diving-related activities and boaters operating near divers:

  • Divers must use a red and white Diver Down flag
  • Dive flags must be at least 12″x12″
  • Boaters must stay 25 yards from any and all dive flags

Get Your Scuba Certification in Virginia

Virginia has plenty of diving sites to choose from, no matter what type of dive you prefer. The Mother of States has it all. Some of these sites may be restricted to only those with scuba certifications. You don’t want to miss out on any of them, so be certain you complete the certification program before planning a dive. Use our directory to find a local company that can help you obtain you scuba certification in Virginia!